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Beach Engagement Session on the Mississippi

Endless. Laughter. That's what we experienced while photographing Shyanne and Ezra's engagement session. By the end of the night, Nick's cheeks were hurting from laughing and smiling so much with them, and I was feeling their contagious joy rub off on me. These two are so sweet and so cute together, and we loved hearing their story of how Ezra was *trying* to avoid Shy after some friends told him not to go after her (because they were already trying to matchmake her with someone else), yet somehow they kept running into one another. Shy and Ezra both attend the same college that Nick and I met at, so it was extra special to us hearing how their relationship developed. Clearly their friends' matchmaking skills are not as good as God's, because these two are perfect for one another! ;)

We love hearing of the Lord's goodness in bringing people together and how He's worked in their lives both before couples meet and throughout their relationship. We've seen His goodness in our own story, and we feel so honored to get a glimpse of His goodness in other couples' stories as well. As we talked with Shy and Ezra about their story we felt their love for one another, but most of all their love for God. We know that with Him at the center of their relationship, their marriage will be a great one. Nick gets to photograph this wedding alone, and I'm so sad I don't get to be there. But I'm also so excited to experience their special day as I edit the photos! It was SO hard to choose what photos to put on the blog for this session, so I can't even imagine what it will be like for the wedding! Shy and Ezra, we're so honored to get to be a part of sharing your love, and we are so excited to celebrate your wedding SOON!


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