Hi, friend! I'm Molly. I'm a natural born introvert, but photography breaks me out of my shell like nothing else ever has. I get so excited about capturing photos full of joy and beauty! I am both a wedding and portrait photographer, and I love the uniqueness of each type of session!

When I'm not taking photos I'm usually at home in a (very) messy bun and comfy clothes. I'm a stay at home mom with two sweet kiddos and I LOVE it (most of the time ha!). Most days our house is a mess and it feels so good the one day it's clean! I want my house to look like Joanna Gaines just finished staging it, but in reality it's more like, "Well... you tried!" Sometimes that feels like a life motto! In reality though, I have to remind myself that it doesn't. matter.  Things don't have to be perfect.

That brings me to this point: life is definitely beautiful but also crazy and messy. I feel so honored to be able to capture all of it through my lens. Having lost a sister, I know life is too short to worry about perfection. You have to live to the fullest here and now! The memories are happening whether you're ready or not. Let's capture them!

20 Things I Love

1. Giggles and snuggles from my kids

2. Laughing with my guy

3. Summer evening walks

4. Singer/songwriter music

5. Old black and white movies

6. Christmas everything

7. Detail shots

8. Cozy front porches

9. Scented Candles

10. Soft blankets

11. Nat King Cole's voice

12. All. The. Carbs.

13. Sleeping in

14. ​Hobby Lobby

15. Mexican Cuisine

16. Fireflies (probably the ONLY bug I like)

17. Old houses & radiator heat

18. Freckled Lemonade from Red Robin

19. The coziness of fall

20. Meaningful conversations

I'm a former athlete who played volleyball, softball, and tennis. But I hate running. And exercising.

Quick Facts

Based in Dubuque, IA


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