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If you love...


Capturing the joy and beauty in the here and now of your story is my favorite thing. I clearly remember day dreaming about what my future would be like... first with marriage, then with kids. And sometimes I have to stop and remind myself that this moment in time is actually a dream come true. Sometimes that dream come true is harder than I imagined, no doubt. But when I look past the hard and into the beauty of the simple moments, I realize it's also so much sweeter than I could have imagined.

Walking alongside couples and families as they celebrate new life chapters, milestones, and every day moments is an honor I don't take for granted. Each time I edit a photo I see it through the eyes of a former bride, a wife, a mother - and it fills me with joy to be able to freeze these special moments in time for you.

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that strong marriages make strong families. Which is why, for Molly Skoglund Photography, marriage and motherhood go hand in hand. We know no marriage is perfect and no family is perfect, but we believe there is hope and healing for brokenness in relationships and families. We acknowledge the hard and cling to the good. We seek the joy and the beauty that's to be found in the highs and lows and everything in between. Our photos tell stories of joy, connection, and warmth. And we believe that though a photo may not be life changing in itself, the experiences surrounding them can be. Through our photography experience, we seek to put you at ease, to provide a fun session, to draw out the beauty of each unique relationship, and to leave you encouraged.

We believe...

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We met playing ping pong in college over 11 years ago...

and again in the school cafeteria after Nick forgot he had already met Molly, and he reintroduced himself.

About 3 months later, with Nick's encouragement, Molly posted this Facebook status: "For the record, Nick and I are not dating. We are not, we have not, we will not. End of Story."

Needless to say, that wasn't the end of the story...

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10 years of marriage and 4 kids later...

we're realizing how fast time is going (and how much it changes things). Which is why we make an effort to get our own family photos taken by another professional photographer each year. We love looking at past photos and seeing how our kids (and we) have changed. Growing together and growing a family has been one of life's greatest blessings. Not always easy, but always a blessing.

Meet our crew

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Our rainbow baby, people loving, big personality, goofy 7 year old who looks and acts a whole lot like his dad and is always up for quality time with his family.

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Our 5 year old daddy's eyes, cozy loving girl who is sugar and spice, quiet (yet loud when she wants or needs to be), and pink fanatic. Her name means "she is my delight".

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Our mostly happy, carefree 2 year old. His smile literally lights up a room and he laughs with his whole body. You can't help but smile when he does!

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Our youngest who has seamlessly joined the chaos. He loves watching his siblings and army crawling all over the place. Time is going so fast with him, and of course he has already changed so much since these photos!

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A team in life & business



PHOTOGRAPHER (and editor, marketer, etc)

- Definitely an introvert, but you wouldn't guess it when I'm behind my camera!

- Cozy blankets, candles, singer songwriter music, and coffee are a few of my favorite things.

- I feel like a new person when warmth and sunshine come around again each year.

- I enjoy looking at houses for sale even when we aren't looking to move and browsing through home magazines. I love a beautifully decorated space!

- I'm a night owl through and through. I like waking up slowly and peacefully... which is awfully hard to do when you're a mom :)



BUSINESS MANAGER (all the non fun stuff like taxes)

- Definitely an extrovert.

- Self taught on acoustic guitar and cajon. Also took up playing our son's ukulele.

- I love soccer. My favorite team is Bayern Munich.

- I have a really wide variety of interests.

- I don't have a sweet tooth... I have two.

- I love excel.  Nested IF functions are my jam.

- I'm naturally a very curious person.

- I laugh really, really easily.

- Left handed and proud of it!

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