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Tirzah's Cake Smash

We had such a fun day planned. Originally, Tirzah and Ezekiel were going to share a birthday celebration on April 4th with both sides of the family invited. Tirzah's was going to be a floral themed brunch, followed by a tractor theme for Ezekiel. But of course, COVID-19 happened and that all went out the window. So we kept it a lot more simple, celebrated Tirzah's birthday on her actual birthday, and only did a cake smash and a couple presents with just the four of us. Not that she will care anyways. Even though first birthdays are important to us as parents, we have to remember that it's more for us than the kids ;) At this age they have no idea what's going on and typically like playing with the wrapping paper and bags just as much or more than the actual gifts!

In the same fashion as her brother on his first birthday, Tirzah was not that into her cake. She ate a few pieces, but was much less interested than I thought she would be! She even looked disgusted by it a few times. Whose child is she, anyways?!? Nonetheless it was so fun getting some cute pictures of her all dressed up on her special day :) Hope these photos bring some joy to you today! Stay safe, everyone <3


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