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Iowa Winter Wedding | Madison and Eric

When Madison and Eric were asked what their favorite activities were by their officiant, he found their answers to be almost identical. When he shared those responses, it was clear that those activities fit Madison and Eric's personalities perfectly. Many people say opposites attract, but sometimes a perfect match is two personalities who are super similar - yet different in the perfect ways. Madison and Eric are both homebodies who are quiet, laid back, and easy going. Yet you can tell they balance each other out perfectly when they need to. I also love that both of their responses to the question of "What do you like to do together?" was a recurrent theme of spending time together - no matter what they're doing. That theme of being happy to just spend time together resonates with me as a hopeless romantic, as well as someone who feels exactly the same way about my own husband. But most important of all, I love that Madison and Eric share a heart for the Lord and proclaiming His goodness. They both wanted a clear message of the good news of the Gospel shared at their wedding. Eventually the wedding celebration will end. The details of the day, while fun and meaningful, will one day be forgotten by most. But the message that the Gospel brings is eternal. Its power is unparalleled. And its hope is greater than any earthly thing. I am confident that Madison and Eric won't forget that as they go through life, as it was evident that it was in the forefront of their minds in regards to their wedding day.

Madison and Eric, it was such an honor for us be able to capture your wedding day and the love between you two, but especially to see your love for Jesus Christ. Our prayer is for you, as it has been for our own marriage, that Christ would hold you together and that He would be at the center of all you do and say in your marriage. It's such a beautiful thing to be able to share life's journey with your best friend, and even better when your faith is at the core of your marriage together as it is for you two. We hope as you look at your photos now and in 50 years that you remember the love you felt for each other that day and the faithfulness that God has shown in your lives. Here's to a wonderful journey!


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