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Tristan and Joe | A Fun Guttenberg, IA August Wedding

They ate mashed potatoes for their cake cutting instead of the cake. If that doesn't tell you that Tristan and Joe are a super fun couple who march to the beat of their own drum, I don't know what will. Nick and I absolutely loved photographing Tristan and Joe's wedding. They are such a sweet, laid back couple who obviously have a lot of fun together. When I asked Joe to tell Tristan what he loved about her, Nick overheard him say, "I love that you love mashed potatoes as much as me." Cue the laughter, AND the "awww." For being self proclaimed "shy" people, Tristan and Joe weren't afraid to do things their own way on their day and were clearly and completely at ease with one another.

They're also such a sweet couple. They were constantly thanking us throughout the day and even checked to make sure we got something to eat. They weren't self absorbed or stressed about anything! We seriously couldn't have asked for a more thoughtful, kind couple!

To add to an already amazing day, Tristan and Joe had the most amazing dessert spread we've ever seen! There were tons of different homemade desserts made by the family. Talk about talent! The cutest taco cake pops you've ever seen, all kinds of amazing bars, cookies, and truffles, and a gorgeous cake that Tristan's sister made. I couldn't believe my eyes OR my taste buds. Nick and I got to take a small dessert plate to go as we headed out and every single thing I tasted was divine!

Tristan and Joe, thank you so much for trusting us with your day and for making it such a fun experience. It's so obvious that you two are a perfect fit for each other. We loved getting to know you two!! And we still think you're crazy for telling us you're not photogenic ;)

Ceremony: St. John's Lutheran Church, Guttenberg, IA

Reception: Lakeside Ballroom

DJ: Shane from Absolute Music

Dress: Zazou's Bridal Boutique & Tuxedos


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