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Erik & Lauren | Minnesota Winter Wedding Details

Every detail was attended to so carefully. Family and friends with different, incredible talents came together to create a gorgeous day. Flowers and trees from her family's greenhouse were brought in. Her sister hand painted part of the invitation design as well as the bridesmaids' glasses. One church friend put together the gorgeous bouquets and the beautiful floral arbor. Another church friend did each girl's hair.

Erik and Lauren's wedding was a labor of love. The way their church family came together to create such a beautiful event was a true testament to the way the body of Christ should serve one another, and it was a beautiful example to Erik and Lauren of the love others have for them and the love and service they are meant to demonstrate toward one another. I love looking at wedding details put together by high end vendors - they're absolutely gorgeous! But nothing can beat the sentimental feelings behind wedding details that have been a labor of love and not pay. And let's be real - the talent of her family and friends could easily match some of those high end vendors!

Erik and Lauren, I'm so grateful I was able to capture many of the gorgeous details of your wedding as well as the joy and love felt in the getting ready room. Nick and I love you both a ton, and we're sad that you're not living in Iowa, but we're so happy that you're together. You guys are in our prayers and our thoughts often, and we always look forward to seeing you again. Can't wait to see where the Lord takes you in your life together!

Florals: Jen Winters

Hair: Hannah Beckman

Makeup: Makeup by Melissa


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